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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Dear women, here are 6 tricks for always looking elegant and classy

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You have a lot of things to do, a family to take care of and perhaps seemingly never-ending responsibilities. You need to get them all done well and on time, but you never want to look anything less than perfect. How can you manage this?

Nikkie Plessen, Dutch fashion designer and owner of NIKKIE fashion brand in Galeries Lafayette, Pacific Place, Central Jakarta. Although she was on a tight schedule and needed to catch a flight, she managed to share some stories about her current collection as well as tips for women on how to effortlessly look elegant and classy.

Tailored pants

Don’t go for the size you want, go for what fits on your body. In general, whether it's pants or clothes, choose what reflects your body size. If you want to, it is better to have it a little bit bigger than your size rather than too small.

Tailored pants will not only flatter your body shape, but will also look classy because they go well with many kinds of shoes; be it ballet flats, sneakers or high heels.

Look at your skin color

Pick clothes that fit well with your skin color or tone. To look for the right color, you can just use colored paper at home and take a look at yourself in the mirror alongside it.

Look for the colors that compliment you, the ones that make you look brighter or that add some color to your skin. This is important because different colors create a different effect for everyone, as in not every person will look good in bright red and not everyone will be flattered by deep blue.

Pay attention to your body shape

The right shaped clothes can help to make you look even better, so it is important to pay attention to your body shape and look for the clothes that will help you create a more charming look.

For example, you may want to consider using high-waisted pants or skirts that fit your abdomen comfortably if you want to hide your stomach.

Look for what you really like

Rather than following the trends or looking at the books, go for a style that you really like.

Nikkie emphasized that it is very important for someone to choose a style that they really want because when someone is comfortable in their clothes, it shows through their eyes and it makes them more attractive.

Look for fabric that doesn’t wrinkle easily

Sometimes, although a design and a fabric look good, it wrinkles as soon as you sit down. This won’t do, so when shopping for clothes, try wrinkling the fabric first and look at how fast it gets back to its original shape.

Good fabric will get back into shape faster.

Always pack your ballet flats

Nikkie said to take your ballet flats with you everywhere, as she herself does. Ballerina shoes, or ballet flats, are good to wear after a long day at work; at that moment when you want to slip off your tiring heels and escape your tiring work.

Keep in mind that though it is important to look good, it is also important to be comfortable.

8 things to avoid wearing on a first date

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There are unspoken fashion rules for women when it comes to first dates, as it is best to look comfortable and not try too hard to impress. Here is a list of fashion no-no’s for first dates.

Revealing too much skin

Make sure you wear comfortable clothes that reflect your personality and leave something to the imagination by not showing too much.

High heels

While it’s nice to be confident in heels, height can make men feel intimidated, especially if your date is shorter than you. Opt for lower heels or flat shoes as wearing flip flops can be too casual.

Granny panties

While it’s advisable not to go too far on a first date, wearing granny panties is too comfortable. Wearing sexy underwear, however, can boost your confidence.

Brightly colored clothes

On a first date, both you and your date will want to see if there are any sparks. Wearing brightly colored clothes could draw too much attention from other people, making both of you feel uncomfortable. You don't want to be spotted by people you know who'll come over to your table and interrupt your date, right?

Colorful accessories

The same rule applies to accessories too. Wearing accessories that are too colorful can be as distracting as wearing too many. A simple but memorable accessory is better. For example, try to avoid wearing a big crescent necklace, but wear round earrings for a lasting impression.

New clothes and shoes

We know how much you want to impress your date, but buying a new dress or shoes is definitely unnecessary. First, because it's a waste of money. Second, a new dress or shoes could be uncomfortable to wear and your date might think you don't feel comfortable being with them.

Heavy make-up

Men claim they like a natural look, so avoid heavy make-up. Let your real character shine through so your date can decide whether you're their dream woman or not. Some men actually love women with make-up, but try not to let it hide your real face.

Strong perfume

Scents leave a strong and lasting impression of someone, but if you don’t want to make your date feel dizzy and ruin your chance of getting to know each other more, refrain from wearing too much perfume. Just spray a bit on your wrist and neck, and chances are your date will remember you better.