Saturday, 20 February 2016

From a modest semi in Dudley to a £40m private jet: The £6.50-an-hour New Look sales assistant, 19, who has captivated boxer Floyd Mayweather

Miss Eliss is said to be dating Floyd MayweatherPosing for the camera: Miss Eliss' Instagram page is full of photographs of her pouting seductively
He may be a multi-millionaire boxer with women around the world falling at his feet.
But Floyd Mayweather appears to have fallen for a £6.50-an-hour New Look shop worker from the West Midlands.
The 38-year-old, who earned £200million last year alone, is said to be dating 19-year-old Ramarni Ball, a budding singer who caught his eye at a fan meet-and-greet in Cannock, Staffordshire.
Now, less than one week later, Mayweather - known as much for his flashy lifestyle as his undefeated record in the ring - has whisked the teenager off to travel to the U.S. on his private jet.
The trip is a far cry from the modest semi-detached home in Dudley, where Miss Ball grew up with her mother and five siblings, and where homes sell for as little as £74,000.  

Beaming with pride: A video posted on Ramanir's' Instagram account shows the 19-year-old dressed in a figure-hugging floor-length down next to the champion boxer, who has his arm draped over her shoulderLiving the high life: The 19-year-old posted this photograph, apparently taken inside Mayweather's £40million private jet, with the caption 'jet life'. She is understood to have joined the boxer in New York and Los Angeles

This is the modest semi-detached home where Miss Ball is believed to live in Dudley, West Midlands 

According to the Daily Mirror, the couple met at a fan event at Bar Sport in Cannock on February 12, where she is understood to have paid £600 for a ticket to meet the sporting legend.
Photographs taken just hours later appear to show Miss Ball, who works in her local New Look store, sitting behind Mayweather in the back of a Rolls Royce as he leaves the venue.
It would seem the boxer was determined to get to know the aspiring singer better as just days later she jetted off to Amsterdam, where the star was continuing his European Victory Tour.
Now their romance is continuing to blossom on the other side of the Atlantic. Miss Ball has taken to her Instagram page share photos and videos of the couple in New York and Los Angeles with her 41,000 followers.


From a modest semi in Dudley to a £40m private jet: The £6.50-an-hour New Look sales assistant, 19, who has captivated boxer Floyd Mayweather
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