Monday, 29 February 2016

The guaranteed way to put your child ahead… Must read for every mother

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Is there really such a thing as a guaranteed way to put your child ahead? As a parent we all hope to train our kids to be the best in whatever they put their hands and heart to. Are there things you can do or put in place to make sure this happens? If there are, don’t you want to know? Read on...
What can I put in place to improve my kid’s chances of success
Good question. When it comes to academics especially there are 4 things that are of the most importance.
The quality of the teacher
Class size (because it determines how much attention each student can get from the teacher)
The student’s strengths and weaknesses (both in academics & personality)
Accessibility to quality materials

It is proven that children who have personal 1-1 sessions with knowledgeable and experienced tutors tend to perform far better than students of the same level of intelligence that simply go for classroom lessons but lack that personalized attention. This is only natural because of the kind of one-on-one dedicated attention that the student receives during the sessions and the fact that the teacher can study the student to understand specific areas they need help even perhaps outside of just academics
But Where has it worked?
In the Uk today, almost one out of every three kids are either being home schooled or have private tutors. The same applies across so many countries that have very high educational ranking.

Well… but I’ve had a tutor before and I wasn’t so impressed. What did I get wrong?
Getting the right tutor forthe job is the most important part ofgetting a home tutor. The individual must be sound and knowledgeable as a teacher of the subject.
But there are many things parents fail to consider: The individual should not live too far away as this affects the teacher’s enthusiasm, the tutor needs to be familiar with the child’s curriculum and you MUST give the tutor enough time to understand the child.
The easiest way to get the best of the best tutors is to go through Prepclass. We have a 1000 tutor who we have physically interviewed, tested and prepped and a pool of over 14,000 tutors who have applied work with us from all across Lagos. So we can guarantee that you will get an excellent tutor that lives close to you and if you are not satisfied we can change the tutor at no cost to you.

Interesting… but do you have tutors for every subject?
Well, we thought you would never ask.
We pride ourselves in our mantra: Learn anything!

Wow!! So how do I reach prepclass and am I guaranteed of the getting a good tutor and of safety of my home:
Getting a tutor has never been easier than using prepclass,simply fill our home tutor request form here. A client relationship officer will visit you to understand what your expectations are and determine the kind of tutor that would be capable of fulfilling your expectations. This would also give you the chance to ask all the questions you may have. All our tutors are tested, vetted and have background checks performed on them. We investigate their places of work to ascertain their behaviours, we get guarantors from them and they sign contracts with us, so you can be rest assured that security wise we have you covered.  You can also choose to visit our new new office which is at Number 315 herbertmacualay road Yabalagos directly opposite KFC.
Otherwise Simply reach us on 01-2913790 or go to get a tutor from them today.


The guaranteed way to put your child ahead… Must read for every mother
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